USB Bracelet Data Charger

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The great creative design combines USB transmission lines and fashion bracelet, its 2 ends can be buckled, you can wear it on your hands, attach it on your bag, it’s a small, exquisite, fashion and sexy data charger lead bracelet
Micro USB Bracelet Data Charger Cable for Samsung, Htc, LG, Blackberry, Smart Phone, Tablet PC
Compatible With : LG Samsung Google Sony Ericsson Motorola Nokia Huawei HTC BlackBerry Amazon Kindle 2, Kindle 3 / Wi-Fi / 3G + Wi-Fi, Kindle DX, Barnes & Noble Nook 1st edition, Nook Color
High use frequency, soft line, abrasion-resistance,
bend-resistance with long durability
100% Brand New
High-speed USB connectivity
Allow you to connect your phone to the computer / laptop for easy transferring of music, pictures, phone numbers etc. Can also be used as a Charger cable
Material: ABS/TPE
Length: 20CM
Weight: 16g

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