Spiral Vegetable Slicer

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Eating Healthy and Creating Delicious Meals Easily
Do you love eating pasta and noodles but afraid that you will not adhere to your low carb diet plan?
Or perhaps, tired of preparing raw vegetables dishes using a time-consuming traditional method?
Either way - this amazing Tri-Blade Spiralizer is just for you from Beb2beb online shopping with special price

Spiral can transform the whole raw foods into long thin strands or spiral cuts is as easy as 1-2-3 using i Perfect Kitchen's Envy Tri- Blade Slicer
Eat Healthy and save time in preparing healthy meals.
- Replace your conventional noodles with healthy spiraled noodles such as zucchini noodles which is easy to prepare and much healthier
- Prepare sweet potato fries and seasoned curly fries which your loved ones will surely enjoy!
- Create eye catching cucumber ribbon strands easily
- This tool is also good to use in apples, parsnips, jicama and a lot more!

 This spiral slicer features 3 stainless steel blades:
- Shredder blade - this blade is use for creating long, noodle-like spiral strands
- Chipper blade -this is for long, thick, spiral strands
- Straight blade - this blade is intended to use for creating ribbon-like strands

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