MDF Keychain-Flower

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A personalized key ring is one of the best ways to keep your loved ones near.
When ever you turn the car engine on,open the office door, or come home after a day's work, there's nothing more heart warming than seeing a picture of the ones you love.
Its also a spectacular promotion gift for any business looking to advertise.
Choose your picture or the picture for whom you care or even a nice small word and send it to:
or on
or on mobile whats app 76725236
It will be a nice gift in any occasion

•cash back or carry on.
•Non-Refundable/unless its delivered broken or not the chosen product No carryover.
•VAT included in price.
•Standard terms & conditions apply.
•Delivery time up to 5 days
•mobile/ whats app:76725236        
•Location: Beirut- Hamra- Basra Street