Knife Set 6 PCs

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Colored Knife Set consist of 6 PCs

Non-Stick Coating Blade.
Soft touch handle.
This knife set comes with an ergonomically designed handle with a soft-touch layer, making it great for extended use.
The front part of the blade is used for cutting small vegetables and fruits, eg shallot or garlic.
The sturdy side of the blade can be used to break up small bones or to break open crustaceans.
The wide side of the blade is useful for pressing filets down and for lifting the ffod, eg herbs.
The middle section is for cutting hard and soft foods.
The slightly curved blade shape is ideal for mincing herbs and for chopping.
The back part of the cutting edge is used for foods thah are difficult to cut through.
Set consist of:
Chef Knife 20cm
Slicer Knife 20cm
Bread Knife 20cm
Utility Knife 12.5cm
Paring Knife 9cm

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