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Many advantages of introducing music to children from an early age, which can help children improve creativity, thinking power, brain intelligence, expression, sensitivity and confidence. But introducing music to a child should be done in a fun way. Playing while learning music is the most effective method.

Happy Rabbit Guitar is the perfect product to introduce your toddler to explore music, of course, in an interesting and fun way.
There is an on / off button that facilitates the operation of the guitar
There is a volume adjustment button on the + note symbol button on the bottom
There are 8 buttons of do-re-mi tones with attractive colors, located on guitar posts / stalks (1-7, i)
There is a rabbit head button which when pressed to make a sound, and light (come on when other buttons are in the press), located in the middle
There is a big rabbit button button which when pressed releases 2 songs in english
Press the small rabbit button, it will issue a drum, bass, and melody.
Press the piano-patterned button, it will release a variety of piano tones.

This rabbit motive guitar has:
Guitar size 44 cm x 20 cm x 3.5 cm
Pink-white color with color variations on accessories, straps and buttons (yellow, pink, purple, green, orange) are very attractive and soft for children
There are straps (color variations) so that when playing the child can hang a guitar on their shoulders / neck
Materials from PVC plastic are smooth, light and safe.
Use 3 pieces of AA batteries (Not included)

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