Flameless Candle- Large

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The most advanced flame-less resin candle
The specially formulated resin has been designed to look like a real wax candle shell—but it won’t melt, break or crack like a wax candle
Softly lit relaxing environment
The candles come with a timer function, just set the candle for the time you would like it to come on each night.
The candle will stay on for five hours, turn off for 19 and repeat the cycle until you decide to turn the function off.
No more worrying about forgetting to turn candles off
It can also be used as a great night light, It bring a mellow touch of romance to homes with their softly dancing light giving a warm glow around a room.
The led light is bright enough to find your way in the dark but it's not too bright to make your eyes squint
Unscented and safe for use by people with allergies and safe for the environment, no dripping of wax to ruin furniture or to leave nasty black soot on the ceiling.
We guarantee that you’ll love them 100%
Our candles available in white or red color, they are safe to use anywhere indoors/ outdoors, as a window candle, in a lantern, wedding centerpiece, church, memorial vigil, Christmas lights....

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